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Pink Eye

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I have conjuntivitis.

I'm not sure how I got it- but I do, and it sucks. I'm not contagious anymore due to the eyedrop antibiotics I'm on... but I hate taking them because they drain into my throat somehow and make me feel nauseaus. Ugghh.. 5 more days of this. Oh well. Tommorow night is case night at my casa. Kody's coming over and he and Laura are going to compete to see who can get through a case of beer first. I'm going to have to carry both of them to bed, I predict.

Kody and I are at the four month mark - and it was a heck of a haul getting there, but finally... things are good. They've been consistently good for nearly a month now, and I'm happy. He's met my friends now, which desperately needed to happen, and I'll meet his soon. Med students don't have much time for a social life. Oh well...such is the path I have chosen for now. He's a really great guy...and I think he may be a keeper. We'll see what kinda swanky Christmas gift he gets me, and then we'll see.. haha :)

Me, Laura, Kody, Lauren, and Scott went bowling at the white house last week which was phenomenal!!!! Let me just tell you - it ranks up there as one of the coolest experiences of my 24 years. The administration is almost over - which means no more white house privileges - but we may squeee out ONE more west wing tour before the 20th. Speaking of the 20th - if anyone needs a place to stay for the inauguration - my house is officially open. I will not join you for the event - as that many people in one place would surely give me a panic attack. It's going to be RIDICULOUS. Plus - it's Kody's birthday, so I'm going to flee the city and do something completely unrelated. My house is open still, all the same.

Uggggh.. this medicene in my throat is disgusting. I didn't realiez your eyes were connected to your throat. Sick. Well.. I think it's time to snuggle with ruckus and rest up for tommorow evening!

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