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I *heart* Mickey Mouse!

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I need to write more. This becomes abundantly clear when I attempt to write an entry and I can't muster the motivation because I realize I have too much ground to cover. I will cover some of the highlights with focus on recent developments. I admit that I will sound like a lovesick puppy, and that's okay - I think I'm really okay with that.

Things are still going strong with Sean - stronger than I ever imagined a relationship could be. I love him so much, it's silly. We haven't been together that long - less than five months actually, but it doesn't seem like that at all. He is an amazing man, and a perfect fit for me. Every day we spend together convinces me moreso of this. For starters, he treats me like royalty. He is attentive to me 100%. On no occasion does he ever make me feel neurotic, and he never gives me a moment to worry about his feelings for me. He enjoys teaching me new things and taking care of me, and he's proud of my success.

To celebrate my recent graduation from Southeastern - Sean gifted me an amazing trip to Disney World. We spent the better part of last week having an incredibly fun and romantic time in Florida. We visited the Kennedy Space Center since he is a bit of a NASA nerd, and spent three days in Disney World. During our fist day at Disney it was my birthday - which was so special. Sean gave me a camera for my birthday, so I took lots of giddy pictures which I am now in the process of posting on facebook. I've wanted to go to Disney since I was five, and every year I would beg and try to convince my mom to make it happen. I'm so happy that it didn't work out for me to go as a kid though, because I wouldn't have appreciated it as much as I do now. First of all - the gift was incredibly generous...a bigger and nicer gift than anyone has ever given me. There isn't really a good way to adequately express how thankful I am for the gift. I hope that the huge, goofy smile that I couldn't wipe off my face helped.

Sean and I spend a ton of time together as it is, but the trip allowed us to spend a longer, uninterrupted time together and we really grew a lot closer. Through our many adventures I find out more and more how perfect he is for me. He gets my quirks and I get his. We both like to keep a positive attitude about things and find cheesy ways to have fun. He has even found a way to help me chill out when I'm worried or stressing - which is something that happens a lot with me. What encourages me is the fact that my stressing is never spurred on by anything in our relationship. Sean puts me at ease. I know he loves me, and there's no room for doubt about where we're headed. There is a small part inside each of us that is somewhat nervous because we know how crushed we would be if something bad happened, but that apprehension seems to fade with every day we spend together. We've seen each other at our best and worst... and it appears that neither of us has plans of going anywhere.

So the trip was a blast. We didn't wait in any long lines for Disney attractions, we did a cheesy scavenger hunt designed for kids but perfected by us, we found several "hidden mickeys," and we even spent a day lounging at the pool. I tend to get a bit apprehensive at the end of trips and vacations as I head back to "real life," and the responsibilities that come with it, but that wasn't the case on this trip. Our last day was lovely - even down to a crowded and delayed flight home, and I was all smiles as I stepped foot on Virginia soil even though the Disney magic had been left far behind.

I find myself wanting to fast-forward time with Sean to find out what our future holds. I'm just so excited about where we're headed. He keeps a daily journal that reads a bit like a captain's log. He recently shared some things he had written about us in it, and I was brought to tears to know how much he is on the same page as me in his hopes and aspirations for our relationship. I realize how silly I sound - and that's really okay with me. I don't think that this kind of thing comes along every day, and I'm okay with putting myself out there in a way that makes me vulnerable. As far as I'm concerned - it's worth it, and I'm very optimistic about the risk.

That's not exactly a play by play about life, but I think it's a pretty good overview, and it captures how I'm feeling these days - which is what a journal is for after all, isn't it? Other highlights include being done with school finally - an accomplishment I thought would never come. I had a lovely graduation party with friends and family. My mom, sister, and Kevin came in town for the event, and it was surprisingly perfect. I just finished throwing a baby shower for a new and good friend from church. I sort of hate my job, but I don't mind so much since my personal life is pretty darn great. Laura is moving out July 1, and I'll be roommate-less and a little broke for the month of July as I wait for Lashante to move in August 1. I've gained a few pounds recently, and I need to start being much more diligent about diet and exercise, but I'll get there. I'll have to start Tuesday, because tomorrow night I'm having yummy sushi with Karin. Life's good.

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