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Sara 2.0

The life and times of Sara.....

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The life and times of Sara.....

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An update from me is so overdue that it's almost funny.

I'm sitting in my living room currently with the rest of the day off to vegetate and get a ton of things done - so I guess now is as good of a time as any for an update. Wow, have things ever been a' changin'.

I guess we'll start with January of this year. I had a particularly difficult holiday season the Mid-Ohio Valley which I was trying to cope with when Kody disappeared off the face of the earth while home on break in Wisconsin and decided not to inform me. At this point, I don't know the extent of his deception. The details are so sketchy that even piecing them together is difficult and make me feel like such a complete schmuck for falling for all of his crap. Let's just say that I will not make excuses for a man again... mark my words. I realize that there are some people who make the same mistakes with men over and over again in order to find love or acceptance. That's just not me. The idea that I was deceived and treated like such garbage - is something that will forever change the way I let people treat me. Let's just say I'm slightly more empowered now.

Empowered so much that I entered the new year kicking but and taking names. I started eating healthy again - joined a gym and lost 10 more pounds. I kept working on school and now I'm happy to say that I'm ONE class away from graduation. It seems so surreal that I'm actually going to be graduating, and I'm so stinking relieved. It's hard to describe how I feel about the school situation because part of me is embarrassed about the fact that my degree is in such a useless field and the fact that it took me so long to get it - but then there's the other part of me that says.. "Hey.. I'm graduating suma cum laude - and I did it alone..." It's weird - but regardless of how I feel, I'm VERY happy that it will soon be over.

About a month after Kody removed himself from my life - I was asked out on a date by a new guy - Sean. I didn't think anything of it, because I didn't want to be seen as a girl who was quick to rebound or someone who was super needy of guy attention. Still though - he asked me out, and I didn't figure there was any real reason to say no. I didn't expect anything to come from it. In fact, I had pretty much convinced myself to see nothing positive in Sean because I knew people would think I was just boy crazy, needy, and rebounding from Kody. What I didn't bargain on was meeting someone so incredible and finding love... yes, I said it - love.

I've been hesitating to journal about this for a while, because I knew I would seem pretty silly - but now I don't care. I've been dating Sean for three months, and it's been incredible. I never knew that a man could be so caring, affectionate, attentive, and well suited for me. Let's see - for starters, we have insanely complementary temperaments. He's a bit nerdy like me and can lack the ability to be suave from time to time. He loves Jesus in the same way I do and goes to basically the exact same church that I do in a different neighborhood. He's not super conservative, likes to have a good drink and a laugh. He's a terrible dancer but still LOVES to dance. He recently lost a lot of weight like me and eats healthy during the week so that he can pig out on the weekends with me.

Speaking of the weekends - there hasn't been a weekend where we didn't hang out since we met. In fact - he's taking his best friend to Vegas in a few weeks for a bachelor party, and he planned the trip around my schedule since I had a work thing that weekend and wouldn't be able to hang out for part of the weekend anyway. He has taken me to do tons of new things, taught me to change a tire, given me my first good Valentines Day ever (complete with a trip to Philly...), and listened to me when I was upset about my housing situation (to be updated in a later paragraph). He knows all about my family, and it doesn't embarrass me at all.

Okay - so typing all of that was a big deal because I knew in doing so I was airing it for the few lJers who will take the type to read this entry. I'm opening myself to public mockery and to being labeled as someone who falls to easily or who isn't level headed about men. I certainly feel that this situation is different. I realize my track record doesn't necessarily reflect this - but I have wisened since I started dating about a year ago. Sean agrees with me that the dating world is not all it's cracked up to me, and hopes to get out of it sooner, rather than later. We both agree that we could be IT for each other. We're not running off to elope in Vegas, and we are being sensible, but still - we've admitted that neither of us expected things to go this well.

Did I mention that he calls me every day and that I don't know what to do with all this energy that's not being spent being neurotic about our relationship?

As with life - all can't be perfect. The relationship with Sean has taken it's toll on the already crumbling relationship I have with my roommate. I don't want to dog her - so I'll suffice it to say that it isn't working out, and that we have finally and resolutely decided to part ways. On July 1st, she is moving out and I have to find a roommate. The goal is to find a girl who is somewhat close to my age, English speaking, laid back, not allergic to Ruckus, and okay with Sean staying over from time to time..(this has been a huge point of contention for Laura and I). As it is - Sean doesn't come over as it makes her uncomfortable - but it's not a way to live. I'm nervous about the roommate search, but excited about the stress it will take off of my shoulders in the long run.

In other life updates, I made a pact with myself to be more reliable and better at follow-through. I've had mixed results with that, but all-in-all, I'm pleased. I've been having a REALLY good time with my small group which has gotten larger in the past few months. I'm trying to plan a graduation party for May 30th - which will be stressful for sure, but I think it's worth it. Finally - I turn 25 in two months.

I think that was quite an update, and for those of you that read it - I hope you don't find me TOO twit-like.

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