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Sara 2.0

Thus begins my journey.

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Thus begins my journey.

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It's time for Sara 2.0

I'm restarting this journal for a number of reasons. Actually - I'm restarting two journals. This one to sort out my personal thoughts and inner craziness. The second will be a prayer journal to be intentional about my spiritual growth. They may both melt together at points - because I don't think there's a spiritual part of life and a non-spiritual to life. I've always been a fan of having it all be gravy in a very unorthodox kind of way. Why stop now?

So here's what you missed on Glee...oops, I mean in my life. I'm still living in MD - currently without a roommate. I'm engaged to the love of my life and getting married on cinqo de mayo next year. I've been dealing with chronic back pain for three years now that has taken a big toll on me, causing me to gain most of the weight I lost a few years ago back and to start sinking into depression. Thankfully, I've got an amazing partner by my side who has helped me through it. I'm taking an anti-depressant and working on getting back into shape. I'm working as a career transition specialist helping unemployed and underemployed adults find jobs. I'm still emotional - but getting a better handle on it day by day. The last statement is really the biggest reason I'm starting this journaling process. I want to be selfless and emotionally mature enough to be a good wife to Sean. It's definitely a struggle and I don't feel ready as much as I love him. I still hurt him from time to time with my emotional outbursts and my low self esteem, but I don't think anyone could have ever done as much to make me a better person. He's done his part, now it's my turn to get intentional about it.

So that's the update on my schmaltzy emotional journey. I won't talk solely about that. Of course you'll hear about my wacky wedding planning adventures, my growing addiction to terrible tv shows and couponing. Speaking of which - I saved 47 dollars at the grocery store today. Feel free to bow down to my frugal prowess. I hope that this new journal will document both my struggles and my joys. In the past, this journal has been dedicated far too much on the first of those two.

All in all, I think this is going to be fun.

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