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September 3rd, 2008

(no subject)

“By our uncritical pursuit of relevance we have actually courted irrelevance; by our breathless chase after relevance without a matching commitment to faithfulness, we have become not only unfaithful but irrelevant; by our determined efforts to redefine ourselves in ways that are more compelling to the modern world than are faithful to Christ, we have lost not only our identity but our authority and our relevance. Our crying need is to be faithful as well as relevant."

This quote was posted as an introduction to one of the stupid religion classes I have to take online this semester through Southeastern. This makes me want to hit this professor over the head with a Bible.

I fear this semester is going to make me an angry girl. That is all.

August 28th, 2008

(no subject)

My last post was quite a rant.

Things are looking up somewhat. Margaret, (I drive her daughter to school three days a week) offered to cosign on a student loan for me. All seemed fine and dandy, but due to some archived information from a $750 student loan from 1974 she can't set an account up with the lender. It's strange - and we're going to try to figure it out tonight....if not we'll go to plan B - which might be a personal loan from the bank of Margaret Mattson.

If that happens, I won't have any extra money for next semester, which means I'll have to save a buttload over the next six months. That means, an absolute spending freeze. It's going to be tough, and at times depressing - but I can do it. I'll go to the library a lot - and read a lot more like when I was an intern. I'll watch a lot of movies - and hopefully I'll hang out with the boy.

Speaking of the boy... he called just as I parked in my driveway tonight. He apologized for all of the craziness of this week. Basically, we both had bad weeks but for different reasons. He said he was going through "Sara withdrawal," and our plan is to hang out tommorow. My relationship with him has a ton of complications that many people would think are too much. He's way busy - but I think it can work. We'll see.

I'm going to better organize my life so that I can attack this fall frugally and not be so depressed about it. If things are in order, I can start to have hobbies and do things that are free/cheap. I won't lie - it's not exactly exciting me, but it's the best plan I've got for now. I'd rather be painting the town red and running up big bar tabs - but alas - I cannot. People live balanced lives all the time though... surely, I can too.

And maybe I'll splurge every now and then.


August 24th, 2008

Phelps eat your heart out

I realize I post so much at this point, it's nearly irrelevant. I just thought I would give a quick update. I desperately want to figure out some way to stop time and extend the weekend. Though I had a great time this weekend, I haven't accomplished anything that I needed to. My goal was to have the apartment spotless and to have some flowers hear for Laura when she gets back from Ohio tommorow to thank her for taking such good care of me when I was sick last week. Instead, I'm a lazy jerk... and the house is messy - I'm tired...AND I have to get up extra early tommorow because school starts back up and I have to take Allison to school. I really need to get a pill to help me with my laziness. It's starting to interfere with real life.

Tommorow my goal is to get my room spotless and organized. I also need to call the business office at Southeastern and make sure I'm squared away for starting classes. Tuesday I'm going out with Kody and we are going duckpin bowling - which should be fairly cute. He called me today...twice, and was so cute. I had a moment of being stupidly neurotic with Karin here this evening after our akward second phone call with the boy. I HATE being neurotic. I think I'm going to find a pill to rid me of all neurotic thoughts. I'm in that phase of this relationship where I'm going to try to sabotage it because it's going so well. I'll nitpick stupid phone conversations and such. I must FORCE myself not to trainwreck my own life. Any suggestions?

So when I originally heard that Michael Phelps eats 12 thousand calories per day, I originally swooned with jealousy. Tonight Karin read his daily menu online, and I was shocked. That much food isn't even appetizing for ME! Seriously.. just hearing about his multiple mayonaise smothered sandwiches and entire pizzas made want to vomit... and food never makes me want to vomit.

Speaking of food - I had the most amazing dinner I've ever had last night. Eric from my fall kickball team made this 4 course spread complete with creme brulee that we got to burn our own sugar on! Needless to say, I cheated bigtime - but it was worth it. After dinner we all went out dancing and had an absolute blast! I'm sooo sore now from this weekends shennanigans, but it's worth it - even if I accomplished nothing.

And now back to Michael Phelps. He was just interviewed for the closing ceremonies from London and it was really akward...Bad idea London. Boo.


August 19th, 2008

(no subject)

The meds are wearing off... and this euphoric day is coming to an end. So far, the pain isn't as bad as it was yesterday beore the ER.. but it's getting there. Hopefully that won't fully happen. Some good news on the healthcare front though - today I got a check in the mail from my oral surgeon. Apparently they overcharged me a year ago for my oral surgery and they thought it would be nice to sendme a $76.00 check in the mail. Hey - the way my finances are going lately, I'll take it glady :) Now I'm just laying in bed. I think I'll read for a bit before falling asleep. I'm feeling a fever coming om.. and unfortunately - the remedy is NOT more cowbell. Everyone wish me luck for a night of full rest.


(no subject)


So.. in case anyone was worried. Im doing better healthwise now. I broke down and went to the emergency room last night. Finally.. someone realized I was really sick. I had a blood test, a throat swab and a cat scan - but more importantly, I got an IV with steroids and anti-inflamatories for my throat swelling, and some major pain medicene. On top of that, I got hydrated through my IV.. which was good, because I haven't been taking in any liquids. It was ridiculous how much the meds helped. I went into the ER unable to talk or swallow... all kindsa gross with a towell wrapped around my head. I walked out talking.. and able to drink a full glass of water. I'm not approved to eat solid food yet... which sucks because I am sooooo hungry given that I haven't really eatn since Saturday, BUT... Thursday will come soon enough, and I'll be able to eat then. Plus.. this means I can eat ice cream guilt free, as it's the only thing the doctor approved. Fun...fun.

I'm also not contagious - which is good, because I have a major hankerin' to hang out with Kody - who is back in Baltimore, and has said a few different times how much his misses me. He's a cutie.. what can I say. I'm probably going to refrain from any physical contact - just to be safe, but still... looking forward to seeing him soon. Awwwww...

Laura has been taking amazing care of me the past few days... and I need to come up with some way to show her how much I appreciate her. Maybe flowers and a card.. I'm not sure yet, but I'll figure it out soon...hopefully.

Anyways...I'm feeling better.. but I think it's time for a little nap, as I'm getting sleepy from all the meds, lack of sleep and whatnot. Mmmmmm.. sleep.

August 18th, 2008


Okay.. so I realize it's 5:00 am, but I'm awake. I have been all night. Long story short, my throat started hurting Saturday. It got really painful by Sunday morning so I went to an urgent care where they basically told me nothing was wrong. THEY were wrong. I went home...noticed that I'm developing purplish white blisters on the back of my throat, and have been in excruciating pain ever since.

Seriously... I realize that I am a dramatic person - but one thing I am NOT dramatic about is my health. I NEVER go to the doctor.. and I'll let things go for ages - so if I say I'm in excruciating pain - I mean it. This is right up there with my dental pain from a few years ago. I've taken an absurd amount of ibuprofen and tylenol which aren't helping, and I'm writing this journal entry because it's keeping me from crying - which is what I've been doing most of the evening.

I found an urgent care that opens at 7:30, and I'm going to go. This makes 3 trips to the doctor in one week which makes me so upset. It also means I'll have spent $100 in health related stuff this past week with no diagnosis and no end in sight. Also - I don't have any sick days at work - so I don't know how this is going to work out, but hopefully....it will. I obviously can't afford to lose my job - but there is no human way I could go into work tommorow. I haven't eaten or drank anything. I can't swallow my own spit, and I've been up crying all night.

To make matters worse - Kody came back last night. I need to be able to hang out with him and tend to him - and the last thing I want to tell him after having his mom pass away unexpectedy is that I'm sick. Ugggghh.. I need to get better.


August 16th, 2008

(no subject)

You know your life has taken a turn for the worst when you are grasping at straws for excuses to NOT go to a party.

That's what I'm doing today. My kickball team is having a party in which we are tie-dying our kickball shirts, and I want to run for the hills. I've been in a down mood all week - and I can't shake it. The Kody thing is fresh in my mind - and I still have no idea what's going on with him. I think I may be having an adverse reaction to my birth control - and I'm just all kindsa unmotivated. I tihnk the couch has a permanent impression of my butt. I spent a crazy Friday night last night watchint tv and grocery shopping. Now I'm trying to motivate myself to get ready for this party... thoug hI am refusing to do my hair on sheer principle.. because I dont want to. My kickball team is very pretty/athletic, and the last thing I want to do is hang out with them when I'm not on my A game... but I don't have much choice. Boo. At least I've decided to only stay long enough to tie-dye my shirt.. and then we're out, and tonight we're going to see "The Pineapple Express" which is the light at the end of my tunnel right now. Who loves Seth Rogan??? I do, I do!

Well...I suppose I'd better get my butt in gear and make myself presentable. I hope next week feels better.

August 3rd, 2008

(no subject)

Woooooaaaaah. Last night was ridiculous. I realize, that many of my journal entries start with that same sentence. That must make me a lush. I don't think so though.

Karin and I went to Baltimore yesterday and met up with Matt Blessing and Holy Price (I think her last name is Price?). I went to high school with them and hadn't seen them since then. It was quite the reunion marked by many drinks and fun. We ended up back at Matt and Holly's house here we proceeded to play rockband. What I didn't find out until this morning is that I apparently basically passed out while trying to play the guitar. Matt likened it to a robot shutting down.. haha. Too much ridiculousness. It was quite fun though - and they will most likely come to fairfax for Karin's garden party when we have scheduled for two weeks from now. It will be killer.

Ahhh.. I have to go hop in the shower and get ready because I'm supposed to be at Emily's by two. I'm going to be late.... clearly. Can't wait though, because we are having all kinds of low carb deliciousness!

July 26th, 2008

(no subject)

Mcdonald's apple pies are good.

So I've fallen off the wagon - but just for today. I'm having my monthly train wreck, so I'm allowed. I still feel pretty stupid though.

I went to the Matt Costa concert tonight with Emily. She's the best, and was totally willing to go at the last minute. It's a good thing too because he was pretty phenomenal, and I would have been pretty sad if the tickets had gone to waste. One of the openning acts was this really cool band from California called Satisfaction. I got their CD and talked to some of the band members. I was quite impressed. Now I'm home and ruckus is snuggling with me, as if she intuitively knows that's what I want her to do. It's adorable - because for the longest time she didn't even come near my bed... now she's all kindsa clingy. It's like she can read my mind.

Oh Lord, I've become the cat lady.

This crazy blind lady at work always refers to her cats as her therapists. I vow that will never be me.

I have a ocnference call for the powerpoint tommorow at 8 am. Yippeeeeee! I suppose I ought to sleep.

Really though.. that apple pie was heavenly.

July 22nd, 2008

(no subject)

I am soooo itchy! I have been watering the Mannucia's plants while they're away. This may not seem like a big deal, but let's just say that it took 2 pages of instructions typed in times new roman to explain to me how to water the veritable plant nursery that now exists at the Mannucia's. It's a job that takes about 40 minutes, and I've been doing it at night, because I'm crazy busy. This means that the mosquitos are having a field day.

"Yummmmm.. I like the mullatto ones!"

Had a good talk with the roomie tonight. She's starting a book discussion group next month for the ladies, and it should be lots of fun. I feel like I need peer pressure in order to read consistently, so this is a VERY good thing. Had small group tonight.. which was really fun. At one point we were driving around and we saw this sign announcing a blind pedestrian. I then said how we should have one for the crazy blind lady that works at my office - then Devin goes.. "Why? It's not like she'd see it." I nearly peed my pants. I was telling Heather and Devin today that they are like my favorite married couple, because they are not uptight, and they're so fun.. plus, they are genuinely nice, and they like to have friends outside of their marriage. What a novel concept!

I'm going to see Matt Costa with Christian Friday. It makes me miss Iza, and the good parts of the internship days. The Stewartown girls (Myself, Laura, Iza, Chelsea, and Renate) were the best thing about that internship... (perhaps the only good thing... but still). We made the most amazing lemonade out of some pretty crappy lemons. I still remember when Laura and I decided to turn our basement craphole into a cool living room and we even had football parties. I also remember wanting to run Paul Travis over with one of his big blue busses. Woah.. those were some days. I'm glad they're over - but that doesn't mean I don't look back on them fondly from time to time.

Anyways.. I guess I'll head to sleep. It's been a weird few days. I think I could use some REM, and I'm not talking about Mihael Stipe.

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